And that's two comics in consecutive weeks for the first time in God knows how long. Success!

Anyhoo, the main thing I wanted to share with people this week is that a couple of my old cohorts from ESLF have just launched a brand new, totally free online film magazine called Vérité, and you can check it out right now HERE, as you should since it's a great mag and most certainly a classy looking thing!


New comic! ...for the first time in far too long!

Balancing work with Slim+Dave has been more challenging than usual recently so it's good to have another done, and there might even be another ready for next week... probably... I think...

Hmm... for the lack of updates here's a picture of Sonic dressed as Mario (a.k.a. Sonic the Mario) as an apology:
Well, Christmas Eve anyway, and with it comes the first new comic here at the new site!

Also since it's still early days around here I've been tweaking the site here and there, so now for your navigational convenience (how exciting...) the arrow buttons are now also at the bottom of comics to save you scrolling back up (on the off chance anyone would want to look back through my previous works).

I also now have my official contact email: [email protected] which will forever be stored over on the Contact page. I was looking into getting a proper @slimanddave.com email address when I discovered I was entitled to a free one with the domain name, which I don't remember being pointed out to me at any stage but it's free so happy days.

Well then, now I'm back I hope to get comics out more regularly again (weekly if I can but don't hold me to that!) and I'll probably update the blog here every now again when I can think of something to say.

So, here's to many more new comics here at the new site, and... oh yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS!




Welcome to SlimandDave.com!

With ESLF now a thing of the past (and good luck to all those guys who are moving onto ventures new), I've gone and made a brand new home just for Slim+Dave, and here it is.

Now the site's pretty much up and running as I'd like it to be (although there may be the odd tweak along the way), I'll shortly be getting back round to the actual comic-making side of things again, but for now I'll just stick to saying hello and I hope you like it here!